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PSAC-UPCE and nada Post Corporation Reach a Tentative Agreement

nada Post: PSAC's nada Industrial Relations Board Applition

The PSAC has made this applition to the CIRB in order to review the exclusions of bargaining certifite for the PSAC/UPCE bargaining unit.


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Employee Engagement Survey

Dear members of the UPCE,

We strongly encourage members of the UPCE to complete the survey and provide direction to nada Post. We believe the survey to be an important tool to increase visibility on workplace issues. The current response rate is lower than expected.

You should have received a survey and instructions in the mail.

Salary Protection Decision Status

We are pleased to confirm that the PSAC-UPCE finalized a longstanding dispute regarding the interpretation of Salary Protection, affecting primarily article 31.07 of the PSAC-nada Post Collective Agreement on September 25th, 2019. On our last count, this decision should positively impact 26 members who were considered to be “red circled” by the corporation.?

Joint Statement on nada Post's environmental footprint

nada Post and its bargaining agents recognize that the postal service built to serve all nadians also has a considerable environmental impact. Together, they acknowledge a shared interest and responsibility to reduce nada Post’s environmental footprint. In April 2019, nada Post and all their bargaining agents formally initiated a collaborative effort focused on the environment.

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